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DNA tests you can take with do-it-yourself kits sent right to your home are more popular than ever, but how well do they really work? TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen looks into it – with the help of identical triplet sisters!

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Are Home DNA Kits Really Accurate? Jeff Rossen Investigates With Identical Triplet Sisters | TODAY

25 Comments on Are Home DNA Kits Really Accurate? Jeff Rossen Investigates With Identical Triplet Sisters | TODAY

  1. I think it is a neat toy but we need to have the ability to protect it from being distributed to there. They make millions from people buying and then even more from the companies who buy the data. Law enforcement now has access to DNA. Be careful. Insurance companies. Court cases for paternity actions.

  2. how do you NOT know whether all three kits went to the same laboratory with the same records. Three testing companies and all be sending to the same lab

  3. Question is if the standard used by the labs are uniformed, they will certainly get the same results. How many food companies use the same manufacturer and change the name??

  4. WHY didn't you USE A CONTROL (three RANDOM people)??? Seems biased. My sister did the second one, and the EXACT results came up. Scandinavian, etc. These are PREDETERMINED.

  5. My whole family is dead. I took the test. They sent me names of people who'd also taken their test and that DNA said I was related to. The list was in order of who was closest related. The first name on the list was my first cousin who I haven't seen in years and we have different last names. Some of the other people had the uncommon last names of various great grand parents or great great grand parents of mine. This has to be real. How could it have matched me with these people if it was fake? Also, the results as far as ethnicity and national origin were just as I had expected. No surprises. One person who matched with me as being a distant cousin contacted me online and we compared what we knew of our family's histories to see how we could be related. Bingo. Her great grand father, Rolly, who died in the civil war, was my great grand mother Amy's brother! She told me some fascinating stuff about our common ancestors that I didn't know. Folks, it's for real.

  6. Fraternal triplets to be triplets you don’t have to look alike maybe they dress alike because there triplets same as twins they dress alike you don’t have to look exactly 100% alike to be a triplet common sense I have twins and triplets run in my family and my brothers don’t look alike one shorter then me and one is taller there 20 years 7 days apart from me since our birthday is always 7 days there 41 and I’m 21 I like having twin brothers the best part is I feel y’all the short one is short by 3 or 4 inches apart so what I believe to be a triplet doesn’t always have to look alike there not identical there fraternal triplets I really don’t see a difference there triplets if they think there identical let them think it that’s how they see each other

  7. And who cares anyway? I couldn't care less if I'm from the moon, it's who you are today that counts and how you share with your family.

  8. It's not a toy. These aren't accurate. The stuff done today is so sloppy you could someone else's profile. One thing you should keep in mind is that the gov. now has access to your DNA. You did that so happily. I am not playing this idiotic game btw. I see commercials when some woman refers to a pregnant woman as "preggers". You know that isn't a joke. God plays a part in your preggers, lady. I think because this world is pushing PC racism I will push back with as much racism as possible. Who cares.

  9. How can we know really? We are all of a product of one system. A male and a female which passed down from generation to generation. If Adam and Eve was white, how did we get Black? If Adman and Eve was Black, how did we get white? I guess Evolution was wrong.

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