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I have a bad feeling about my surprise monetized channel…. I’m not even entirely sure what everything means… Anyone with a channel that could explain more would be greatly appreciated. Also, before the possible take out of my channel I’d like to show some of the comments left by anyone who disagrees…. where’s the so called “hate speech”? Funny thing is I still respect their RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH! This seems to be a very one-sided battle….

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  1. I personally wouldn't worry tooooo much about the monetization BUT go with your instinct and keep the bad ones unmonetized before uploading. Your channel has such sensitive topics that most of your videos should not be monetised by a long shot. Don't even try to make money from adsense to be honest. Keep up the good work.

  2. ! If we are not feeling the heat, then we are not doing it right. Jesus warned us of persecution and of man turning away from him. All we can do is stay the course and pray for those who won’t listen. But do not worry or lose sleep. Give your worries to Him. He will gladly take them. I just wish more people could experience the great burdens He can lift right up off of you. Replies with “what’s Satan got to do with it?” If only they truly knew….
    You are doing a wonderful job!!!!

  3. On your channel I commented that the name Lactacia was disgusting for the other drag kid that's pretty popular, and somebody actually asked me what the problem is because lactcian is not sexual. I basically just said that if he or she can't see why that's a problem for a drag kid name then I don't have time to explain it to the person. And they replied again saying that I needed to explain myself… Is that not ridiculous? is it just me or is that person trolling or what?

  4. Youtube can still run ads on 'demonetized' videos. It says in their policies that it will be fewer and they keep the money. IMO They are just being greedy, see you gaining a following quickly, and it's nothing more than that. I will look out for you though if your channel disappears.*And congratulations! You do deserve it.

  5. Congrats on your milestones, I hope they don't take your channel down because lots of channels have been taken down for no reason by YouTube.

    I know you can handle the comments, wish you the best of luck

  6. So you only ask people if you can use their comment if you like the comment? You used mine and didnt ask nor did you mention asking to use anyone else's comment you did not agree with. So because something someone said rubbed you the wrong way they dont deserve the same respect as someone who agrees with you? I stand by the point I was trying to make with my original comment (which I'm not sure you got btw but that's neither here or there) it just rubbed me wrong that people who agree with you deserve respect while people who dont do not. It's a theme in our society.

  7. Remember when YouTube went down for like three or four hours all over the world? I think that they were putting their AI in charge so it probably went through your information really really quick instead of having to go through people. Hopefully it's not a trick and something worked for change LOL. But definitely trust your gut feeling

  8. I love your voice,so unique and distinct, also to the people that say leave religion out of it. God, not religion has everything to do with everything. A Christian cannot and should not leave Jesus out of anything in our lives. The Alpha and the Omega, to those who are filled with the Holy Spirit it is our constant desire to honor and please God that is the driving force in our lives. THanks for your reporting on Desmond, I tried to get the NY police and children services to look into this matter but since I live in Ohio they told me to pound sand.

  9. I just call myself a follower of Jesus Christ and His word the Bible. Which yes is a Christian but the people who have used Christianity as a ruse to kill have given Christians a bad name, but Jesus told us that very thing would happen so we must stand up for what we believe in and not let Satan take away what we stand for.
    You can decline ad sence if want there should be a button to click to turn off as sence for each video.

  10. As far as the monetization alerts it could just be an algorithm. it also looks like you are being trolled by the community that is pushing the Desmond/pedo agenda. Block them. Romans1 28-29.

  11. Well, I'm glad you hit a milestone of 2000+ subs but due try to make sure they don't target you. I will make sure to watch out. Btw, I feel bad that people are attacking you for your personal religious views. Really if these people want to whine about Islam being attacked then they shouldn't be judging you for what you believe

  12. Yes monetize and don't feel bad about it. You are doing amazing work and you should get something in return. They have changed a lot of the rules but it's now a certain amount of views for when you can start monotizing. You don't have to apply they will let you know when you hit the marker to join ad sense . Then it's up to you to join or not.

  13. I wish i could help you lil Sis….i know nothing of running a channel but if you don't need the money, I'd do my best to demonetize and not give them any chances. I too, feel strongly that you're being targeted. Armor up! 🙂 I will be praying for you and this channel to survive this push to purge Truthers.

  14. I love and adore your videos about creepy disgusting pedophiles and that Desmond is Amazing kid. I mean, I'm the oldest cousin and grandchild on my mom's side. My aunt, my mom's brother's wife, has 3 sons, two of them are around Desmond's age. I find it scary and disgusting on how a parent could drugged them, make them dress up in drags, and let them hang out with creepy degenerates who were murders back in the 1990s. I mean holy crap! In my email that I sent you, I changed my aunt and cousin's name because I don't want them to be in this situation.

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