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Facebook Ads 101: Choosing the Best Target Audience for Your Ad

Have you ever run FB ads and completely blown through your budget with nothing to show for it?

In today’s video on Facebook ads, I go over how to get much more specific with audience targeting so you can increase conversions and bring your costs down. Get this step right and you will greatly improve your results when running ads.

21 Comments on Facebook Ads 101 – Choosing the Best Target Audience

  1. Where do you want the target needle to be? my needle said my target is great, but able to reach 3,900,000 people…Is that too broad?

  2. Hi Dustin,

    Thanks for the video.

    I like and follow an FB group with a large following. The FB group is a targetable interest.

    The group is conducting many events. I have expressed interest in one of them. How do I target only the people who are interested in that event(in FB ads)?


  3. Thanks for sharing such an informative video Dustin & Tracey! For some more specific examples on detailed Facebook ad targeting, check out this article as it breaks down all the ad targeting options:

  4. I always thought you wanted the most people in your ads. You've offered a different perspective and I appreciate you for that.

  5. thanks for the great video. is there a way to target interest with 3 conditions, for example, people who use iPhone and love flower and online buyer?

  6. you are so beautiful hope you became millianare queen and i became your king just dreaming because i know this is not a right platform for us… hope we will became friends in near future… good luck for your future

  7. You teach so well, and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the ins and outs of FB ads. I will be checking back often for more updates.

  8. So do you only choose one interest or multiple ? I'm having trouble with this step. I've ran several ads for several different products and no sales. I usually pick 5 interests and then run it. What is working for you ? thank you 🙂

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