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How can we build our following with Facebook ads for page likes on our gaming pages? This video tutorial shows how to make a video ad that gets highly targeted page likes for $0.16 each in the USA and $0.01 each globally while helping show those that do like the page how to turn on notifications, see first in the newsfeed, and join live streams to comment. The first day I ran the ad I show in the video I got a new viewer from the ads that made 20 to 30 comments in one stream and followed. That said, with 2.2 million likes/followers on my page mostly from ads over the last five years, I am choosing not to run any more Facebook ads for my page because I can barely keep up with all the organic engagement I get now and the more I spend on ads, the more it costs for you to advertise and the less I have to give back to viewers with giveaways.

For building a new page or reaching critical mass (a large enough following where it is easy to grow), Facebook ads can be extremely helpful. For about $20 using what I show in this video, one can get 100 likes in your home country from people that might become top fans and help grow the rest of the page. For $100 targeted globally, one can get 10,000 new followers that may help each stream get 10 to 100 viewers which then makes getting even more much easier.

The main downside I experience with Facebook ads is the time it takes to make the ad, get it running for the best cost, and then continue monitoring it and making new ads because generally for best performance one always must keep watching the numbers and making new ads. While ads are helpful for building the initial community, they do also bring people in a bad mood seeking to complain about the ad, irrelevant likes from people miss clicking while scrolling in the newsfeed that later hide all posts and kill organic engagement, and attention that sometimes might be more than one is prepared for such as a bunch of viewers on a stream that then get upset and report.

With the good, bad, and the ugly here about how Facebook ads can help build the foundation of our communities here for gaming, I hope this tutorial is useful for you!

Take the full Facebook gaming course on Skillshare at which includes 3 more hours of video and a class project that will help me start following you and sharing your live streams on Facebook!

Jerry Banfield

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  1. Hello Sir, my self Anil Kumar.
    I have a facebook page but it's not verify Sir can you tell me about how to get Blue Badge?.
    I have already tried many ways but not hot Blue Badge.

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