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One of the first steps to a successful marketing campaign is combining your efforts across multiple channels for one cohesive campaign. YouTube advertising is a serious contender in the digital marketing arena, and it could really take your business to the next level.

The best part? It’s extremely effective and extremely affordable.

How affordable? You can typically expect to pay less than a dollar per video view, depending on a few key factors.

Watch the video above to see the real cost of YouTube advertising and what factors should go into your YouTube advertising budget.

Read more about YouTube advertising costs and marketing and learn more about Blue Corona:

4 Comments on How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost? | YouTube Video Ads & Marketing

  1. So about how much does it cost to put up an ad to tell people about my youtube channel? Is it more to target it toward people? Like if i wanted to target it toward people who are looking at pokemon or pokemon card videos?

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