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For more about SEO for new websites:

Here is a link to my full SEO course:

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In this tutorial I explain how SEO is different for new websites, and what should be the first set of things you do when you initially create your website.

If you don’t have a website yet, here is my tutorial about making a new website easily and inexpensively:

Once you get your new website up and running, what you should try to do is install some SEO plugins if you used WordPress to create your website. I definitely recommend using WordPress to build your website. The WordPress plugin I use and recommend is the Yoast SEO plugin. It is free and very helpful.

Another thing I recommend in terms of SEO for new websites is to start doing social media marketing. The increased social media sharing of your website will give you a small SEO boost.

Another thing I recommend is to do proper keyword research and keyword targeting. Then create a publishing schedule which will be reasonable, and will be something you will be able to stick to long term. A consistent content publishing schedule can help your SEO in a big way. For each new page you create, make sure it has well formed title and description meta tags. Also make sure that you have good original content which includes rich content. Rich content can be photos, videos, audio files, or even slideshare slide shows.

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  1. sir, i show your video, great and i have a blog, ,but i want to know how can a beginner apply the seo tricks and tips to his new blog, so for that can you please tell me or refer some web links or any youtube links..??

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