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Let’s jump into my YouTube SEO tutorial and learn how to rank YouTube videos.

The key to succeeding on YouTube is learning how to rank a video on YouTube and Google searches. This means people will be able to find your content — and because it is in a prominent place, your channel appears to be a more authoritative, approachable source of content.

2:21 How to Rank YouTube Videos Tip #1: Know Your Place

Check your analytics for information about your audience retention. Which videos are retaining viewer attention? Which ones are struggling?

Opt for long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are longer, more specific keywords and search phrases. Because they are more precise, they tend to get less traffic but higher conversions — bringing great opportunities for newer channels trying to get noticed.

Let’s say you’ve just started your beauty channel on YouTube. As a new channel, it is unlikely you are going to rank for primary keywords (like “how to braid hair”); the top search results will be dominated by channels with more subscribers and greater watch times.

4:22 How to Rank YouTube Videos Tip #2: Create high-retention video content

When learning how to rank YouTube videos, it is crucial that you produce valuable content with consistently high viewer retention.

Your retention rate indicates whether or not viewers are watching all the way through to the end of your videos. This is a significant ranking factor for your content. To quote YouTube, “videos with consistently high audience retention and watch time have the potential to show up more frequently in Search and Suggested locations on YouTube.”

5:20 How to Rank YouTube Videos Tip #3: Keyword Research

Using Vid IQ and similar sites will also provide insight about your channel’s position in the ranking algorithm. You can learn how you stack up against competition for certain search terms, the best time to upload your videos, and other important metrics about how to rank YouTube videos.
Check your competition

A simple but effective SEO research tactic is to put your keyword ideas back into a YouTube search. Here are some important things to observe about the search results:

5:40 How to Rank YouTube Videos Tip #4: Watch the Highest Performing Videos for Your Search Term

YouTube wants to give its users the very best content. Watch the top-performing videos for your keywords and discover how you might earn better watch time, retention rate and engagement than the videos that already rank for them.

7:00 How to Rank YouTube Videos Tip #5: Optimize your YouTube Videos

Optimization is critical for all forms of SEO, whether it is your website, your channel, or your videos.

There are several ways to optimize your videos, but you should start by focusing on four things: the title, description, tags, and thumbnail.

7:51 How to Rank YouTube Videos Tip #6: Use YouTube Ads

If you’re a business, or you’re marketing something, or you’re using YouTube to sell your products, programs, consults or coaching, you should be using YouTube ads to promote your videos. YouTube advertising enables you to reach specific groups of people so that you can promote your brand to the right audience. Plus, you only pay for viewers who watch the ad, making it a very cost-effective and results-oriented form of marketing.

If you want to succeed on YouTube, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to improve your channel and get your videos out there. It won’t happen overnight, but if you follow my five tips, you will soon be seeing a boost in your video rankings.

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  1. Hey Great Content. I want to ask a thing that while creating a personal brand, which language is the best? English or Another Language.

  2. I wanna know something by u is that i placed my tags with the help of youtube search vediq tubebuddy and keword tool and i select my best tags then why my vedios is not ranking

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