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In this Video Bobby Krieger The Instagram Expert teaches you how to spy on instagram ads

In instagrams newest update they left a loophole to spy on instagram ads so you can spy on your competitors facebook ads through instagram

Here’s how it works

Go to the right hand corner of your feed and click on Ads, the instagram ads activity, it will now show you all the ads you have recently been shown!

No here’s the hack on how to spy on your competition with instagram

To spy on your competitors all you need to do is make a new instagram and only follow your competitors, then interact with their photos and soon you will have a ad feed that is only their instagram ads

Use this to see their instagram ads and spy on your competitors, now you can see what works and what the instagram competition is doing!

Hope this helps!

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4 Comments on How To Spy On Instagram Ads 2018 (New Update)

  1. mind blowing.. thank you, btw the best instagram ads are those that show an exuberant beach or resort, with great blue and green color pallets… it just hypnotizes my eyes.. kkk I what the a free month of the instagram rapid growth 🙂

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