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Hate it or Love it, INCEPTION is a must-see movie. So can it take the top spot in this Breakdown as the #1 Film Legend? Christopher Nolan is a talented moviemaker, but we’ll have to put Inception up against our other top scoring films to see if it truly is a Legend!


Created by: Jared Bauer, Tommy Cook, Todd Mendeloff, & Jacob Salamon
Written & Directed by: Tommy Cook
Narrated by: Jacob Salamon & Kevin Winzer
Edited by: Beto Ruiz
Original Music by: David Krystal

Twitter: @MatPatGT

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40 Comments on Inception’s HIDDEN Meanings! | Film Legends

  1. I will never come back to this channel because you placed Frozen before Inception. What in the hell is your malfunction?

  2. Something broke on the film theorist channel damn youtube. But still, I'm feeling this! Can't subscribe playing on the wrong channel. I will seek you out for that sub after the video.

  3. I'm definitely no genius, but this movie had WAY to much happening in it and was EXTREMELY confusing to me. Of course, I'm from Texas.

  4. Guys guys come on…ya'll know we cannot trust ratings not in films apps or anything else….it just tells us weathee a film is good or not but does not tell if it's better than another film, ya gotta watch by yourselfe to decied…

  5. Okay, I enjoyed Frozen, but It doesn't even crack my Disney/Pixar top 5. Now you are telling me that its better than Inception. Give me a break!

  6. Doesn't matter because he has seen his children's faces and reunited with them but he still has her totem (spinning top). Originally belonged to Mal but remember he took it from the safe locked up in her mind (when Cobb tells Ariadne, Mal chose to forget). Does that mean his wedding ring 'totem' isn't as significant anymore as he stole Mal's totem and planted an idea in her mind? No because he still has that ring on when he's dreaming- even though he uses the top.
    Does it depend on who's dream they are in? They may have different totems but if everyone is in the same dream/reality wouldn't the totems have the same result as one another? So it doesn't matter who own what totem, as long as it works in whatever dream/reality?
    So at the very end where he sees his children, we're seeing this from his point of view and he's the one who spun the top (even though it didn't originally belong to him) because at that moment in time, it's his reality/dream.
    I don't really know if it was a dream or not but I like to keep an open mind 🙂

  7. Well, it sort of makes sense that the exposition is the downfall. I once spoke with an author who told me that unnecessary exposition (she called it "dumptrucking") can completely ruin the pacing of a story, and lower viewer/reader intrigue. It's a more useful storytelling tool to show something rather than tell it, and since Inception was told in a movie format, it would have been more convenient and intriguing to show the dangers of limbo perhaps with a small amount of verbal solidifications of its threat. Just a thought. Don't get me wrong, though. I LOVED this film!

  8. Hi guys! Does anybody know how pages like this don't get their videos flagged or taken down?

    One thing I do is use videos to look at body language, but I've gotten flagged on some videos. How can I avoid this? Thanks!

  9. Aw man, it's an amazing video, but the presentation, score point voice lines and the fucking music turned me off

  10. This is my first ever vid of yours and I love the entire concept, especially the scoring system and more specifically the voicing of the bonuses.

    I will definitely be watching more of your well thought out productions.


  11. But I think don't get why the gravity isn't gone in the deeper dream levels, when there's no gravity in the dream, where Arthur is…

  12. I have a theory for you. In inception is cobb still a sleep. I believe he still is just because through out the whole film it seem like he's having a lot of deja vu. people are saying the same thing over and over again like "take a leap of faith" , and every time he keep see his kids or think about then they are always in the same motion.he keeps seeing his wife everywhere. what if his wife has been trying to wake him up this whole time. she trying to get him to die so it would shock him to wake up and his friend are not real, its his subconscious fighting her to keep him asleep….. what do you say?????????????????????? and more ???????????????????????????????????

  13. God damn this would be so much better without that fucking dude saying shit like "Sweet Viz" What the Fuck? Are you serious, WHY? YOU DO IT THROUGH THE WHOLE VIDEO AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CRITICIZE MOVIE TROPES?? FUUUCK YOU!

    I'm proud to say that I'll never know how this video ends..I really fucking hope this is the only video with Goddamn "SWEET VIZ!" over here….

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