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My YouTube Monetization and watch time explained in Drukpa

In this video I am explaining about my YouTube Channel watch time and monetization but I am not explaining how monetize a YouTube in Bhutan. If you want some information about the YouTube monetization in Bhutan than please leave me comment.


You can learn how to create e-mail id on any of the website you want by watching my videos in Drukpa.
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If you want to know the gears I use
1. Canon Camera EOS 77D body =
2. Canon Lens for EOS 77D body =
3. HP Laptop Envy all in one 16 GB Ram, Intel Core-i7 =
4. Camera Tri Pod
5. MIC for Recording sound
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  1. Thank you for your video, it is helpful!!!!
    Still then, i am facing problem with!!!
    Ni ata nan gi das charo zey nang sho ley ata….through personal chat ata

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