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Ninja’s Career Is Ending! Ninja’s Wired video gets tons of dislikes and other Twitch streamers are pissed that Twitch placed ads for Ninja’s New Years Eve event on their Twitch channels.

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Ninja Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED


49 Comments on Ninja’s Career Is Ending (Major Twitch Drama)

  1. Dude what's up with your obsession with pewdiepie? It's stupid, nothing against him just don't understand the hype

  2. Bro, you literally advertising click-bait by putting ninja in your title. Still don't see the problem, i'm sure once you get to a 13 million dollar net-worth you wouldn't see a problem with it either lol

  3. Oh wow another video talking shit on Ninja, how original. Keep up the good work of riding the coattails of people that actually have some sort of talent by talking shit on them

  4. If that wasn't a dig at tfue then ni ja could have mentioned any of the other numerous ways to get banned but he didn't. He went straight a tfue with that.

  5. Why have you become such a bum boy over the past few years? Your channel used to have really good content now you are just doing the exact same thing you used to shame commentary channels for doing.

  6. I dont like fortnite all together but in my opinion Ninja should stick to his personality rather than being competitive,Like chaco :3

  7. do you reaLLy think ninja gives a fuck ? that kids got more gold than god, why would he give a shit ? retire from the toxic internet at his age with millions , i feel so bad for him .

  8. People who think without fortnite there would be no ninja are stupid because he was there for years playing the game and streaming and making money. The fact that you made this stupid video saying this is the end of ninjas career proves that you're just completely out of touch with reality. keep name dropping for videos and making that money off the back of ninja.

  9. Does it piss anyone else off with the YouTube preview when you hover over a video? Like sometimes I just want to look at the thumbnail

  10. I've never ever even watched him because he annoys me. Fortnite annoys me. If I were a streamer I would be pissed about another streamer being advertised during my stream. I understand their frustration. especially someone as annoying as ninja. I used to do social media for a few small streamer companies, so for people who want to grow their audience, it would be frustrating for someone who's already established being advertised.

  11. Other Youtube channels are being advertised before we watch your videos. You seriously telling me that's never happened to you watching another creator before?

  12. I love the fact that nobody knew Ninja played professionally since Halo and NOBODY recognizes him for his skill but because he's Drake's Fortnite bitch. Lol LAWLLLLLL.

  13. To be honest on the day where people were complaining about the feed, I updated my instagram to the version people were talking about and it was the same as always.

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