Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Affiliate Marketing (in 2019)

Top 3 Social Media Platforms for Affiliate Marketing (in 2019)

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Top 3 social media platforms for Affiliate Marketing in 2019

I get a lot of requests and questions from my subscribers about social media platforms for affiliate marketing.

We all know, that there is no way to start bringing traffic from Google from day 1. Social media platforms on the other hand can help you with exactly that – start bringing first visitors to your website right after you publish your first article!

The key here is to choose the right social media platforms otherwise you will be wasting time and energy for nothing.

Even though there is a lot of social media websites on the Internet, only a few of them worth your effort.

So in this video I go over the top 3 social media platforms that I recommend you to use for affiliate marketing.

Disclaimers: all opinions are my own. Links in the description are typically affiliate links that let you help support the channel at no extra cost.

How To Become A YouTube Partner To Monetize Your Videos

How To Become A YouTube Partner To Monetize Your Videos

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How To Become A YouTube Partner To Monetize Your Videos

Do you want to make money from your videos?
Do you want to have more tools available for the sake of promotion?
Do you want to reach a larger audience?

Most online marketers are not aware of all the benefits of the YouTube partner program so they miss out on a lot of traffic and sales. One great example is the ability to use custom thumbnails.

Instead of using YouTube’s automatically generated images you can create your own image that makes it stand out in the search engine listings.

So how do you become a YouTube Partner?

1. Check if your account is eligible

Your YouTube account must be in good standing. This means you’ve never violated the terms of service or community guidelines such as uploading videos that you didn’t make yourself, or didn’t have the copyright to. To become a partner, you must opt in your account and have at least one video enabled for advertising.

2. Enable your channel for monetization

If your account is in good standing and hasn’t been previously violated any terms of service click “Enable My Account”. Follow the steps to accept the YouTube Monetization agreement.
That’s it!

3. Use the YouTube channel features that are available for YouTube Partners

Custom Thumbnails
Once you have activated YouTube partner status a number of extra tools become available for you to promote your videos. This includes custom thumbnails which I mentioned previously.

External annotations
These enable you to link outside YouTube to other web properties such as your landing page.

Google+ Hangouts
This is a free video chat service from Google which enables you to engage with your customers in online meetings.

Scheduled Publishing
This feature allows a private video to be scheduled to go public at a later time.

Upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

Go through all the videos that appear in your video manager and “uncheck” the boxes of the videos that you don’t want ads to appear on. Just leave a few videos checked for monetization.

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CRITICAL THINKING – Fallacies: Ad Hominem [HD]

CRITICAL THINKING - Fallacies: Ad Hominem [HD]

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In this video, Paul Henne (Duke University) describes the ad hominem fallacy, which is an informal fallacy that arises when someone attacks the person making the argument rather than their argument. He also describes the four subtypes of this fallacy.

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MK, Jonas Blue, Becky Hill – Back & Forth (Official Video)

MK, Jonas Blue, Becky Hill - Back & Forth (Official Video)

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MK X Jonas Blue X Becky Hill – Back & Forth (Official Video)
Listen to/download ‘Back & Forth’ here:


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Facebook Monetization ! November 2018 Big Breaking, Facebook Monetization start in India

Facebook Monetization ! November 2018 Big Breaking,  Facebook Monetization start in India

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Hello Friends Now Big Breaking News is that Facebook Video Monetization Started in India, so now you can earn from facebook by creating a page on facebook and upload viedos. that ia a big news for video creators who upload videos on facebook page..

Your Queries :-

facebook monetization
facebook monetization start in india or not ?
can i monetized facebook video in india ?

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Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.
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Facebook Ads Launch Hacks: Why 7am is optimal

Facebook Ads Launch Hacks: Why 7am is optimal

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If you are looking to improve the performance of your Facebook ads then you have come to the right video.

Over the last 7 years I have purchased well over $10 million dollars in advertising on Facebook and I have consistently seen the impact of performance when ads are launched early in the morning.

Now the reason why launching your Facebooks ads at 7am will improve the performance of your campaigns is because there are more people online.

7 Facebook Ads Hack:

Typically, between 7-10am we find that largest amount of users active on social media. Just think about this for a second, millenials ages 18-34 are the majority demographic on social media and what does your morning routine probably look like if you are the average millenial? Well, you roll out of bed after snoozing your alarm a few times only to grab your phone and start check checking your notifications, tinder matches, Instagram comments… and so on.

So it is no surprise why there is such as spike in social media activity in the morning, as 18-34 year olds make up the majority age group on the domain social networks.

Now let’s take it a bit more technical, let’s talk about the Facebook ads algorithm and how having more users online saves you money.

One word “Competition”:
Your ads are competing against other advertisers and if there are more people online then you will have lowers costs to advertise.

So for example, if you are running video ads you will see a lower CPM in the Facebook ads manager, now for those who do not know what CPM is, it means Cost Per Measure and it’s a standard advertising metric that measures how much it costs for 1,000 people to see you ad.

Typically, when advertising on Facebook a healthy CPM range is around $6-9 if you are running ads targeting people in the U.S., however if you are targeting users in Latin America or other emerging markets you will see lowers costs roughly around $2-5 dollars because there tends to be lower volumes of advertisers in those areas.

But getting back to the point, as a best practice you want to setup your ads to launch early in the morning, ideally 7am because on average it can take 20-30 minutes for Facebook to start showing your ads to people.

Now the other reason why your Facebook ads will perform better when launched early is because the platform heavily depends on user engagement on ads to determine delivery. Meaning, if your ads are getting a lot of comments, or if there is a high rate of users clicking on your video or picture, then those positive signals communicate to the algorithm that there is value in your ad and you will win end up winning more bids in the ads auction. If there is not a lot of people online there is just less users that will qualify to engage with your ads.

So launch your ads early and reap the benefits, the same advice goes for Instagram ads as they are owned by Facebook and use the same technology and algorithms.

Shifting beyond, the next I want to share with you is the best time of the week to launch you Facebook ads as that equally important. The best time to launch your Facebook or Instagram ads to get the best performance is on….. Mondays!!

Now the reason why it’s the best time of the week to launch your Facebook ads is because you will have more users online on a Monday than any time of the week and you will ALSO have the least amount of advertiser competition.

TO clarify, this will actually vary depending on the audience you are targeting but as a general trend we see Thursday-Sunday driving the highest costs as there are a lot of retail advertisers and brands that are pushing promotions and sales to drive weekend traffic to their stores, and when they increase their advertising we see the CPM costs increase as well.

Lastly, if you really want to maximize the performance of your ads then you want to launch your campaigns at the beginning of each month rather then the end because it is a well know fact that many large advertisers dump their budgets at the end of the month, meaning that they have to spend their advertising dollars or else they lose them so they will do thing like increase the bids of the campaigns and accelerate the delivery of their ads so spend their money which in turn increased the CPM aka cost to advertiser across the board.

So there you have it, launch your Facebook ads Monday morning at 7am at the beginning of the month and reap the benefits of less competition and more active users online. If you guys want to learn more about hacking Facebook Ads delivery algorithm, then I will like you to a video I created called 7 Facebook Ad Hacks that you will love if you enjoyed this video.

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Understanding Social Media Marketing

Understanding Social Media Marketing

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Understanding Social Media Marketing

With the dramatic growth of Social Media as an essential marketing tool for businesses this past couple of years, business owners like you need to understand how to empower your business with social media marketing.

Here is a brief overview to guide you on what channels you should use in your social media marketing.

Social Networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Sina Weibo, SnapChat, Pinterest, Reddit, MySpace, YouTube, Xing, Flickr, Quora, Tumblr.
Social Streaming: YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, Netflix, LiveStream, UStream, DaCast, StreamShark, Facebook live, Periscope, Funny or Die, Crackle
Social Search: SocialMention, Social Searcher, Pipl, Technorati, Keyhole. Co, Hashtracking, Tagboard. Facebook Search, Twitter Advanced Search, Twazzup, Bing Social.
Social Knowledge: Wikipedia, Britannica, Reddit, Quora, Khan Academy, TED-Ed, Crash Course, Mental Floss, Science Daily, How Stuff Works,,, LiveScience, DuckDuckGo, Wolfram|Alpha, Google Scholar, CodeAcademy
Social Blogging: Blogger, Tumblr, Medium,, Ghost, Wix, Silverback, Pistachio, Svbtle, Yola, Edublogs, LiveJournal, Weebly,, your personal/company blog
Social Customer Service: Amazon Customer Reviews, Angie’s List, Trustpilot, ConsumerReports, TripAdvisor, Yelp, TrustRadius, Foursquare, Get Satisfaction, Twitter, Social Commerce Reviews.
Social Publishing: Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Google Display/Network Publishers, Blogs, General/Media Sites, Niche Sites.
Social Bookmarking: Scoop it, Slashdot, Digg, StumbleUpon/Mixx, Pocket, Pinterest, Reddit.

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History of Content Marketing

History of Content Marketing

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The History of Content Marketing from the Content Marketing Institute. Content marketing is not new. Brands have been telling stories to attract and retain customers for hundreds of years. The difference today is that the barriers to entry (content acceptance, talent and technology) no longer exist for brands to get into the publishing arena.

More on the history & infographic here:

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Patreon?, Youtube Won’t Monetize Me, and Other Updates

Patreon?, Youtube Won't Monetize Me, and Other Updates

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Hey all! So while I am still working out the kinks with my new film equipment I wanted to bring something up I had been mulling over for a long time now. With Youtube completely keeping me on the sidelines as of late I am heavily considering using Patreon. Your response would help me come to a clear decision.

For anyone who wants to know more about Patreon I recommend visiting their site

SEO Analysis Tool – Test Your Website SEO

SEO Analysis Tool - Test Your Website SEO

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Wondering why your website doesn’t get traffic? The can help you find the holes in your website’s SEO.

Test your website SEO for free with our online trial and see where the problems exist in your optimization.

Much of the time, you may not need a totally new website, but instead a real overview and report of why your website doesn’t rank.

The SEO Analysis Tool will show you the key factors that will help improve your website’s SEO, and offer the plan of action to make your site better, and give you the ability to move up the SEO ladder.

For the novice, the do-it-yourself, and even advanced SEO analyzers, you can now get this full analysis and report of your website using this easy to use cloud software where you can make and update reports daily.

So get started with understanding your website’s SEO and start using the Analysis tool that makes sense.

35 Minutes on YouTube Demonetization

35 Minutes on YouTube Demonetization

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Even with 35 minutes I feel like I didn’t do a great job discussing this issue, which is maybe part of the problem. There isn’t a simple solution, but an important part of moving forward is that platforms need to be aware that making advertisers happy and making creators happy are not always the same things.

And since advertisers are having no problems exercising their levarage against YouTube, creators need to do the same. We need features for us, and we need to keep YouTube from being a bland place full of well-dressed, friendly white guys tousling Donald Trump’s hair.