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Are we Reactors? Do we get payed to be Reactors?
We explain everything in our latest video.


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. re·ac·tion
. an action performed or a feeling experienced in response to a situation or event.


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25 Comments on Reactors & Monetization: What’s The Problem?

  1. I've seen the source of this "heated" video and as far as I can see, it was actually made to stir drama to generate more views on his contents. That is based on the generic comments regarding big "reaction channels". It was mentioned that monetizing "reaction videos" is bad for the original content; but if you really think about it, it can enhance the publicity of that certain artist and can also generate traffic to their content. So there is nothing really wrong about this.

    You guys are one of the most articulate reactors I have seen and I watch a lot (I actually binge reaction videos as a form of stress reliever).
    I can't speak a lot about the monetization regarding youtube videos since I've only had experience as a blogger, but again, every work needs compensation; financially. It's all honest work.

    Finally, him saying that reactors are lying to viewers; similar to tricking the public to just watch them stare and do random reaction for money, so what? I'm pretty sure the general public are aware of this scheme. Is it his way of saying that people are dumb? Then he's not only insulting reactors but everyone as well. He should really tread carefully if he wants to succeed in this community.

  2. People hate reaction video, because you use clickbait techniques to gain views (you just put the artist and song name in the title.. then "reaction" is at the very end). You just polluate Youtube, and real artistic content like cover, dancing… are buried because of all these f*cking reaction videos. The main problem is that everyone wants to make reaction because they think they will make money. And as it requires no talent, there are millions of these videos right now. It is the cancer of youtube.

  3. Reactors actually promote videos..Which is great for youtube and that particular video creator..i don't see anything wrong reacting to any videos

  4. Do you live together ?? If you do, im just shocked in a good way, because you guys live in the same house but you don't have time for each other ….and you do all that for your subscribers. THANK YOU SO MUCH and i hope that you get more strong and powerfull !!!!

  5. I love reactions because of the same reasons you mentioned, who wants to watch movies or shows alone? It's like a book club. you sit down and have a discussion about it with friends. Great video!!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. You guys entertain me. I'll stay subscribed so long as I won't hear trash. I'm happy if you guys will earn more from all the efforts you put on every video you make. I don't care where you use the money but hearing where you want to put it and what your future plans are, that's bonus.

  7. Its very kind of you to do this vid. It makes your subscribers feel that you really care for them, for us! You guys are the best! Unsubscribing to your channel will never be my option in the future..NEVER!!!

  8. some people they would only want to hear positive comments. But when they hear negative they will react violently. It's called reaction. positive or negative some people should accept it with Grace. sorry guys for those idiots out there.

  9. Hi MGN, My name is Butch from the Philippines, I really like your channel and the rest of so called "Reactor Channels". and I'm quite more obsessed with this kind of youtube genre or content. Actually I've never watch wish FM directly instead I'm looking for the initial reaction videos first before I landed on the actual original videos (Wish FM). sounds weird huh?! but it is True…. and I guess, this is also true to all Filipinos out there…. Here's my personal perspective as Filipino…. as Filipino Audiences/Consumer. We got this mentality…. what they called "Colonial Mentality" …. I know it sounds bad and some Filipino would blatantly denying it. but it is True…. seeing other foreigners reacting or praising our local talents, makes our heart or ego rather to go beyond happiness and satisfaction… it is indeed a Filipino Pride and this thing drives us in general not only to the entire Filipino Music Industry… we got in Fashion Industry, Sports etc. Giving you a sample scenario… Charice Pempengco started here in the Philippines with a lesser fan based support (this is during her time when she started to compete in a local talent show – The Little Big Star show), but when she hit off abroad, attending top foreign guest show, becomes internationally viral, she become instantly top celebs here in the Philippines. Top Fashion Designer like monique lhuillier, Michael Cinco and others who started here locally but never really give enough support by the local consumers or audiences. Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda of the Journey and many more…. What i'm trying to say with this "Reactors Drama" happen last january.. MGN your doing just fine and 100% rest assured there's always a great demand on your videos specially Filipinos, so whether a reaction videos were technically analyze by a Professional Musician or random people who doesn't know music but really appreciate Filipino in general…. we really don't give a f**k lol (sorry about that). Kudos to your channel and to the rest of Reactor's Channel… Mabuhay

  10. I love the both of you Ovela and M-Angel. Mabuhay kayong dalawa!!! (Long live to the two of you) Thank you for giving us your genuine thoughts. I really love your reactions and insights even i disagree sometimes. And that makes this community cool. Mahal ko kayo!!!Jlou from Philippines

  11. I am happy on what you are doing. keep up the good work! Your comment on videos are balance and from that your audience learn a lot. my suggestion is that if you will react on a particular artist please do more research on that particular artist so that you and your audience may have the idea on them. God bless. Greetings here from Laguna, Philippines

  12. I unsubscribed to that person's channel.
    He's obviously jealous of you guys. He's too analytical and boring. You guys are one of my favorites. Just keep doing what you're doing. Love from the Philippines.

  13. hey guys! good evening! can i make a request??? could you guys PLEASE make a reaction on JOLLIBEE'S (Philippines' popular foodchain) latest advertisements which are entitled "Vow", "Crush" and "Date"… PLEASE!!! 🙂

  14. on the wings of love by regine velasquez one of the best original pilipino music.. can you do a reaction please.. thank you.. mean a lot. promise..

  15. on the wings of love by regine velasquez one of the best original pilipino music.. can you do a reaction please.. thank you.. mean a lot. promise..

  16. Reactions to videos give us happiness, so who cares if reactors earn money from their reacting to videos on-line? I myself can do what reactors do if I feel capable of doing it and have enough time to engage in such wholesome and beneficial (to the general public and to themselves) activity. People who consider video reactors as "fake" should not view reaction videos and NOT themselves make any reaction to reactors. Get out of youtube and let reaction video viewers and reactors have a great time, as neither of them is robbing you of any thing!

  17. So glad I watched this one. I actually unsubscribed a while ago after reading MGN's response on a comment ( in a different video ) regarding why there are two parts on the reaction vids now and it came out rude to me. This video explained a lot . I subscribed again, I tried watching other reaction vids but MGNs' is way better. Kudos to you two! heart heart.

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