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Oct 28, 2012. Follower Dialogue Overhaul unlocks a lot more dialogues, making every. mod for getting your followers to ride with you, especially for Serana,

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Serana won’t cuddle with you when using Campfire? This mod fixes that. Now Serana will cuddle with you as she should. What does this mod do exactly?

About this mod. An Overhaul of the Dialogue for Serana. This includes: Bug fixes, Custom Dialogue Branches, More Radiant Dialogue.

Author TheDudeGuy (TDG) v 1.1 ==—–== Description ==—–== Shared Serana Dialogue is a modder’s resource that allows you to easily use Serana’s defaul

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I told Serana to "wait right here" so she wouldn't be a nuisance as I decorated. Now that I want to continue the main quest, I no longer have the dialogue option.

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Author’s instructions. You may not redistribute, upload or otherwise use the assets of this mod in any way without express permission from the original authors.

Various NPCs and creatures can follow you while you’re playing the game and be your ally. These followers can fight by your side; some can also carry your equipment and perform other tasks.

After my transformation to the vampire lord serana won't talk to me. I can't get her to follow me, the only thing she says to me when I talk to.

Aug 16, 2013. If I told her to wait, she would go through dialogue and say she would wait for me to. I tried to see if the fix for the other follow me bug that Serana has would work. without having to use the cursor commands (don't worry if she doesn't follow.

Serana is an ancient pure-blood vampire and the daughter of Lord Harkon and Valerica. She is known as one of the "Daughters of Coldharbour," and because of this she is central to the main questline in Dawnguard.

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Fixing the Serana wait glitch via the console TES V: Skyrim. Unlike followers from the vanilla game, Serana's dialogue does not check the normal follower quest, but certain quest. No wonder the internet is full of shit. ".

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This will cause the "Follow me" dialogue option to reappear. 360 or PS3 versions, that obviously won't work, because there's no console.

Lol! Yeah, I told my coworker the same thing. And I feel creepy when I go to my home with Serana with me and the wife is sitting in the chair eating bread and looking at me.

Apr 15, 2018. If you pick more tactful dialogue options, you can convince her to go see Falion. If Serana chooses to become human, she will no longer be able to. If Serana is a follower and you have lycanthropy, corpses she has.