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Once you know your keywords for search engine optimization, where do you put them? In this video, Jason McDonald explains the major SEO Meta Tags – the Title Tag, the Meta Description tag, and the Meta Keywords tag. (Go to for free class materials). The Title tag is the most important tag for SEO. Use it wisely! The Meta Description tag heavily influences your snippet on the Google search engine results. And the Meta Keywords tag is ignored.

15 Comments on The Major SEO Meta Tags (SEO Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, Keywords Tag) Explained

  1. You were very helpful, to know the answer to this question from my web developer… SEO (Meta Description/Area Served)

  2. One of the most important facets of SEO which will consequently be sticking around is the practice of On-page optimization.
    On-page SEO is an important component of your company's visibility.
    By far, your tags and descriptions today plays an important factor to call a search engine's attention and earn viewer eyeballs.

  3. Jason, Thank you so much for creating this video. I am new to the world of SEO and this video answered a lot of questions!

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