Transaction Log is a crucial part of every Sql Server Database. So why so many DBA even do not know how to check how much space is used by Sql Server in Transaction Log?

Jan 31, 2008  · In a previous post (see here) I debunked a myth about how much transaction log a full backup would include.I had a question in the blog post comments that asked (paraphrasing):

Available in the on-premises version of SQL Server since 2008, TDE encrypts the database, transaction log files and backups at rest without imposing changes to an application. Microsoft also beefed up Azure SQL’s disaster recovery.

How to write script or a query that will display the last full backup and the last log backup for each database on each of the production servers using the system table "backupset" and related bac.

Mar 26, 2009  · While using Logshipping, if a servername for monitor is used which is other than the @@servername output, for example an alias, the transaction log shipping status report on the monitor server will NOT show any information about the primary and secondary server or any files copied or restored.

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One of the databases I am going to support does not have a validate log file location. The drive which the log file is pointing to does not exist. But I don’t see any error in database error log

Shrinking SQL Server transaction logs can undermine server performance. An expert runs various tests to demonstrate how transaction log files respond to several T-SQL commands and to determine whether shrinking files is necessary.

In my situation, I had a 650 MB database with a 370 GB log file in SQL Server 2008. No matter what I tried, I could not get it to shrink down.

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In some case, the Microsoft SQL Server Database Transaction Log (.LDF) file becomes very big even ton of Gigabytes.It’s wasting lot of disk space and causing some problems if you want to backup and restore the database.

You want to attach a SQL Server database that does not have the transaction log files and get the following error: “The log cannot be rebuilt because there were open transactions/users when the database was shutdown,

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Each database in SQL Server contains at least one data file and one transaction log file. The transaction log file stores the details of all the modifications that are performed in the SQL Server database.

The only official workaround in SQL Server 2008 and newer is to switch the database’s recovery model to simple as shown in Books Online. This empties out the transaction log, thereby letting the DBA run a DBCC SHRINKFILE afterwards, then switch the recovery model back to full.

SQL Server uses the transaction log to ensure that all transactions maintain their state even in case of a server or database failure. All transactions are written to the Transaction Log before it is written to the data files.

SQL Server Backup. DatabaseBackup is the SQL Server Maintenance Solution’s stored procedure for backing up databases. DatabaseBackup is supported on SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, and SQL Server 2017.

This topic describes how to back up a transaction log in SQL Server 2017 by using SQL Server Management Studio, Transact-SQL, or PowerShell. The BACKUP statement is not allowed in an explicit or implicit transaction. An explicit transaction is one in which you explicitly define both the start and.

Available in the on-premises version of SQL Server since 2008, TDE encrypts the database, transaction log files and backups at rest without imposing changes to an application. Microsoft also beefed up Azure SQL’s disaster recovery.

I’m not a SQL expert, and I’m reminded of the fact every time I need to do something beyond the basics. I have a test database that is not large in size, but the transaction log.

Problem. Have you ever wondered how SQL Server logs track transactions and what information SQL Server captures in the transaction log file? In this tip we will take a look at a SQL Server function that you can use to read the transaction log to see what entries are made for database transactions.

If your log file reaches its limit in size during a transaction and cannot autogrow then the transaction won’t be able to commit and you will see errors in SQL.