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Why I’m product changing my Chase Sapphire Reserve.
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28 Comments on Why I’m Downgrading My Chase Sapphire Reserve

  1. Ethics aside, Is it still possible to take advantage of the $300 travel credit and then proceed to get a prorated refund by cancelling/downgrading afterwards?

  2. Sebby thank you for this, and this is just a thought, your videos oft blend business and personal cards. Many of us aren't business owners. If I were you, I would consider two lines of Sebby thoughts, business vs. personal or perhaps you add a third Sebby thought, business and personal.

  3. It’s not about just mere points and multipliers, you also gotta ask yourself which transfer partners suit me better? CSR still works better for me than Amex because of Southwest and other partners. Amex partners aren’t that great imo

  4. This was a great video. This brought up two great points that many bloggers don't really mention:

    1) In many ways, the Ink Business Preferred is a better CSR. It's the UR card that earns with the key travel multipliers for a lower fee.

    2) In order to continually come out "ahead" on most high annual fee cards, one must put spend on them. There's only so much one can divert to hit the minimum spend on new cards before cost of holding other existing cards exceeds their return. Spend is finite and it must be optimized within its constraints.

    If I could criticize most bloggers for one thing, it would be on my second point. Bloggers have often created an unrealistic notion of spend. Sure, there exist high-income individuals and creative ways to manufacture spend. But, even then, there are limits to this hobby. There is an opportunity cost to one's time. Also, within the commercial world, credit card expensing is the exception rather than the rule. Bank transfers and checks are how real spending gets done. When we acknowledge this, it's entirely possible to have too many credit cards. Thank you for being realistic, Sebby.

  5. This info is so personalized for his own situation that it's likely to be useless to you. It should be discussed on its own merit.

  6. Interesting video Sebby, I think you should reconsider. I actually have been overthinking on whether to keep my Citi Prestige. Given the hotels.con & the venture card combination plus coupons revivals the Prestige 4th night free. Also, when you compare AFs, travel credits, and the 3X/ultimate rewards discount vs. the Prestige 5X. I believe the Reserves is worth keeping over the Prestige.
    Finally, I feel re-upgrading "may" not be as easy as downgrading.

  7. Is your spend on the 3X Travel other than Car rental, Airfare and Hotels (and beyond the Platinum's $200 Uber credit) also too low to warrant keeping the card? You didn't seem to address this category.

  8. Hey sebby quick question I have the Chase sapphire preferred I have already hit the Sign up bonus and I'm very happy with that I am not going to keep this card I plan on downgrading it I have only had this card for about 3 months should I wait until the annual fees due to downgraded or can I downgrade it now and not lose my sign up bonus or piss Chase off

  9. Hey Sebby, I was wondering if you knew if Citi let’s you upgrade from the thankyou proffered to the double cash card?

  10. If you don't spend much on Air incidental charges and also rent cars on local US trips is there any card better than CSR ? Amex platinum is good but as I said I don't UBER much and mostly travel light and hardly reach the incidental fee levels for that.

  11. So basically the only reason why he’s downgrading is because the redundancy of the gold card and a better earning rate defeats points per dollar? Kind of hard to get at what he’s trying to get at. Keeps listing the benefits of the CSR but I couldn’t see why.

  12. Hey Sebby,

    Thanks for all your videos and guidance. Can you make a video on how Chase switching to the Expedia portal from Connexions Loyalty is affecting Chase cardholders? And your personal thoughts? Did this also play into why you downgraded your card?

    I’m new to the game and trying to optimize as best I can. It seems to be a major pain point for some cardholders but hasn’t been widely talked about.


  13. I just got approved for the Rose Gold and now I'm considering this as well.
    Amex will definitely be my go-to for Restaurants , groceries, and some travel (lots of Chase points to burn).
    Chase Ink Cash for Gas and occasional gift cards (e.g. Whole Foods, Google Play, Xmas Gifts)
    Freedom for Quarterly Bonus categories
    Chase Ink Preferred for everything else

    The only reason to keep my CSR right now is for lounge access and 50% travel redemption on chase. So need to do the calculations to see if that Net $150 annual fee is worth it.

  14. Hey Sebby, what transactions are getting you positive expected value on the CIP? The Ink Cash (or Plus if you have it) gets you 5x for the same categories except shipping and you have prestige's 5x multiplier on dining and air. The only thing I can think of is cell phone insurance?

  15. I’ve been running the numbers for my 2019 financials, and I can honestly say I’m possibly going to downgrade from the CSR to this the CSP.

  16. I got the CSR about 3 months ago and I'm loving it, I also recieved the amex gold a few weeks ago plan on keeping both. I don't have as many cards as most of yall I just keep it simple with my chase freedom unlimited, csr, amex gold

  17. Why not just transfer so much of the CL to a downgrade card so that the annual fee is more than 25% of your credit line? Go on the FTC’s website and look up “Standards Applicable To Initial Issuance of Harvester (rewards) Cards” that went into effect May 22, 2009? They legally have to waive the annual fee and you can always transfer your CL back to that card after the annual fee credit. PM me if you want more info. Hope this helps

  18. Hey Sebastián, great video! Got a few questions for you.
    1. Do you know when Citi Prestige will open for new applicants?

    2. Which one would you prefer between Amex Hilton Aspire and Citi Prestige? (annual fee isn't an issue. I'm in a military so those can be waived)

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  19. Been supporting this channel since day 1 ! Time to start chasing dreams of my own Subscribe to my channel for videos that will make you laugh and make you appreciate what you have , Thanks

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