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Tpindell explains why Youtube is shutting down his channel.

32 Comments on Youtube Is Shutting Down My Channel and Monetization

  1. Its google… Google is doing this. Yall need to remember that youtube was sold to google in 2006 or youtube would have been gone in 2006. Blame Google.

  2. I don't blame you.. Since youtube already shut down my channel "Pinky Cutie Pie" like they shut it down by mistake but I let it be gone.. It had 208k

  3. why don't you YouTubers start making videos exposing the businesses that are attacking YouTubers, and cause them to get boycotted. That's how you fight back.

  4. This is so stupid to even get this app you have to be like 17 and older and there's a kids YouTube why don't people just give there kids the kids one. Why most of these channels are going to be shut down all because of lil kids wtf.

  5. To let you know, under USA with all states and federal law, YouTube actually can't legally do this. funny thing, my family is made up solely of lawyers and cops… and yah, I'm one of those people too. Figures this stuff effects many? Its funny, the federal government can at any time shut down youtube in this country or fine them, even jail their executives, for demonetization. But, our country hasn't enforced these laws for decades… and has no interest too.

  6. What I didn't like is you try to make like a coming-out story and then you joked about it like there's nothing funny about that

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