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Youtube SEO tips 2019 to rank old videos in fast by ‘Curiosity Bangla’

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In this youtube channeI, I will tell you all facts about ‘Youtube’ as a ‘Career’ & I will help you to create & grow up a professional youtube channel. So, kindly see all the videos in this youtube channel.It will help you to start ‘Youtube’ as a ‘Career’.


I am Mr. Tridwip Kumar Sarkar from Malda,WB. I am a Blogger & Youtuber. In this Channel I will help you to know all facts about ‘Youtube’ , ‘Blogger’ , ‘Wordpress’ , ‘Adsense’ ‘Admob’ , ‘Android Application’ etc in details. If you are interested about ‘Online Earning’ , then ‘Subscribe’ ‘Curiosity Bangla’ & stay tuned with it. It will help you with latest updates about all of this in ‘Bengali’ language.

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This youtube channel will also provide you latest ‘Curious Facts’ all over the world. So, stay connected with me.

You may share your ‘thoughts’ or ‘queries’ or ‘suggestions’ through ‘comment’ & I will try my level best to solve your queries.

Kindly ‘Subscribe’ to support ‘Curiosity Bangla’ & press the ‘bell’ icon to get the notification of latest updates. You can simply contact me : [email protected] (for any query, suggestion & copyright issue).

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Our ‘Youtube’ Tutorials:
(i) How use ‘Youtube’ easily

(ii) How Create a fresh GMail for ‘Youtube’ & ‘Blogger’ as a ‘Career’

(iii) How Create a professional ‘Youtube Channel’

(iv) How ‘Customise’ a ‘Youtube Channel’ professionally

(v) How create a ‘Youtube Channel’ ‘Icon’ or ‘Logo’ professionally

(vi) How create a ‘Youtube Channel Art’ or ‘Banner’ professionally

(vii) How upload a video on ‘Youtube’ with proper ‘Tags’ & ‘Meta Description’ (proper ‘Youtube SEO’ )

(viii) How create ‘Youtube Thumbnail’ professionally

(ix) How change youtube layout like a pro?

(x) ‘Youtube Monetization Policy’ 2019 latest updates

(xi) How check income (youtube adsense) of any youtuber?

(xii) How use ‘Google Docs’

(xiii) How download copyright free background music?

(xiv) How check ‘aadhar card’ ‘ authentication history’ ?

(xv) How check last aadhar linking status ?

(xvi) How use UIDAI website on ‘mobile’ perfectly ?

(xvii) ‘E-Aadhar Card’ download on mobile

(xviii) How ‘Lock’ ‘aadhar card’ ?

(xix) Online apply for ‘Plot No’ through WB e-District

(xx) Online apply fo ‘Khatian No’ through WB e-District

(xxi) Online ‘Deed’ searching

(xxii) Online ‘Khatian No & Plot No’ searching

(xxiii) How check ‘fake deed’ ?

(xxiv) WB e-District service registration ?

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